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Crudwell Parish Council received a generous gift of trees from the company Simons Group, who were responsible for developing the new Waitrose store in Malmesbury. The tree planting initiative was set up by Simons Group to offset the carbon monoxide omissions produced by the different types of machinery used during the construction of the new Waitrose store. Simons Group wanted to give something back to the local community for the disruption caused to the people of Malmebsury and the surrounding areas during the building process.


The Parish Council consulted Parishioners, and a number of planting schemes were suggested. A team from the Simons Group led by Dr Rosi Fieldson came to the village, and with help from local resident Terri Murphy the team planted a number of trees on the Post Office Green. A small number of trees were also planted in The Butts to replace the ones which had to be removed due to a fungal disease.