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Last summer, the Parish Council began talks with Cotswold Wireless, a company which offers wireless broadband in local villages. This is not as fast as BT Infinity (which we can’t get at the moment), but is an improvement on existing broadband speeds.

Cotswold Wireless has been waiting for a minimum number of people to sign up, so it can install the equipment and get things working. We now have almost enough households for the initial launch, so if you want to take advantage of the service, act soon! You can find out more on the Cotswold Wireless website . There are four levels of service available, and you choose the one you want, and prices vary depending on the amount of data you consume.


Small Print

  • This is not a final commitment, and CW will check that you can receive service first before confirming with you that you wish to go ahead. However, CW bases its investment decisions on the numbers pre-ordering, so please only do so if you genuinely plan to take advantage of the service (subject to availability). See the “What you need to know” section on the order form for more details. If you need more information about the service, please contact CW direct (details on the web site)
  •  Although the Parish Council has helped to facilitate the service, this is a contract between you and Cotswold Wireless. Crudwell Parish Council is not specifically endorsing the service; we’re only trying enable a better service to the community, based on the feedback from the Parish Survey.