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Shaping the future of our community 

Dear Parishioners,

Thank you to all those who completed the Comments Cards delivered to all households and businesses in Crudwell parish in November. The level of response – more than 120 cards received – was encouraging. Your comments have been recorded and will be used to identify the key topics for focus groups to be set up in the near future.

These groups will give local residents and other interested parties the opportunity to express their views about the future of Crudwell parish, addressing concerns such as the scale and sustainability of future development; local infrastructure and amenities; potential increase in traffic density; and environmental impact. 

All information gathered will be important in shaping the Neighbourhood Plan for Crudwell, helping to ensure that the views expressed are truly representative of the wishes and concerns of the community as a whole. Look out for further details about the Focus Groups, which will be publicised widely in the parish, including in What’s On In Crudwell.

In line with recommendations for the production of Neighbourhood Plans, the Steering Group (working on behalf of the Parish Council) is inviting landowners to put forward sites that may have the potential for development for housing or other uses over the 5 year Plan period, or thereafter. This is known as the Call for Sites. You may also see publicity about this displayed around the parish. Proposed sites will be considered for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan. If you wish to put forward a site for consideration, please contact the Steering Group at plan@my-crudwell.org and we will reply with instructions on how to submit.  

While acknowledging the requirement for further housing in response to local needs, it is important to ensure that any future development is sympathetic to the scale and context of our rural community. Identifying suitable sites in our Neighbourhood Plan is an important step towards achieving this goal.  The next phase will include assessments of the sites as well as establishing the Parish’s level of need for housing, all of which will come together as we develop the plan and we look forward to engaging with you on this.

Yours Faithfully

Mike Credicott, Crudwell Parish Councillor

Sian Burke-Murphy, Chairman, Crudwell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee