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The latest information from Wiltshire Council re local services and help, also Government regulations during lockdown are available on the link below:


Our local street leaders continue to provide help to our elderly and vulnerable residents. The Street Leaders are all volunteers and many also juggle home work and home schooling so new volunteers are welcome. If you feel you can help then please mail us on the link below or let Leon Horton know at; Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address


It is necessary to stay at home where possible and to follow Government guidance, the picture in Malmesbury, Crudwell and Oaksey remains worse than wider Wiltshire with cases continuing to rise. As at 30 December there were 20 cases here (255 per 100,00) which compares unfavourably with surrounding areas; Cirencester (229 per 100,000), Tetbury (93 per 100,000), Cotswold (222 per 100,000), Swindon (242 per 100,000).

The source of this data is: