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We are carrying out a formal review of the Crudwell Neighbourhood Plan (NP) made in May 2021 and would really value your help with this. The Plan helped us take control of how and where development should be permitted in Crudwell giving us protection from unsustainable developments being imposed on unapproved sites via speculative planning applications from developers.

We’re reviewing at this time because government planning policy, and the lack of a five-year supply of land for new housing in Wiltshire means our plan may no longer provide the protection we need until Wiltshire Council’s land supply deficit is addressed in its emerging local plan or by it approving more homes.

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan Review, we are revisiting our housing requirement going forward until 2038 – 2040 while also introducing some areas of scope that were not fully developed in the 2021 Neighbourhood Plan. However, we need to ensure that the Plan continues to reflect the views of our community and as part of this process want to, once again, get as many local views as possible through a questionnaire.

You will find the online questionnaire here:

Crudwell Neighbourhood Plan Review Questionnaire