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*Caution, Local Covid Infections very high!*

Hello all,
The number of people tested positive in the Malmesbury Crudwell and Oaksey area continues to rise to very worrying levels. The local reported number as at 17th October was 89 cases, that is 1089 per 100,000; more than double the national average for England of just over 400 per 100,000. You can check this out at:
Clearly a cause for great concern and we advise all to remain extremely cautious and to try to stay safe by following guidance.
We advise that you should wear a mask when meeting others or in shops, garages etc.
Contrary to what some seem to believe the pandemic is far from over here.


Malmesbury Primary Care Centre-Covid 19 Vaccinations

Malmesbury Primary Care Centre have advised
COVID-19 Vaccination of Eligible Patients has started.
As more supplies of the vaccine or alternative vaccines become available it will be rolled out in phases to people aged between 80 and 50 and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable. People will be invited for a vaccine when it is their turn so please avoid contacting the GP practice.
Click link to the webpage and further information
Malmesbury Primary Care Centre – Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire CCG (malmesburypcc.nhs.uk)


Crudwell PC COVID-19 Update

The latest information from Wiltshire Council re local services and help, also Government regulations during lockdown are available on the link below:
Our local street leaders continue to provide help to our elderly and vulnerable residents. The Street Leaders are all volunteers and many also juggle home work and home schooling so new volunteers are welcome. If you feel you can help then please mail us on the link below or let Leon Horton know at; Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address
It is necessary to stay at home where possible and to follow Government guidance, the picture in Malmesbury, Crudwell and Oaksey remains worse than wider Wiltshire with cases continuing to rise. As at 30 December there were 20 cases here (255 per 100,00) which compares unfavourably with surrounding areas; Cirencester (229 per 100,000), Tetbury (93 per 100,000), Cotswold (222 per 100,000), Swindon (242 per 100,000).
The source of this data is:


Important COVID-19 Update – Please read

As we enter Tier 2 Government coronavirus data today shows a rise in reported cases In Malmesbury, Crudwell and Oaksey to 140 cases per 100,000. This compares unfavourably with Cirencester (less than 3), wider Wiltshire (75), Swindon (139), Cotswold (34) and Gloucestershire (107). Clearly a time for us all to remain very vigilant, please follow Government guidelines to reduce the risk of contracting this deadly virus.
Source: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/search?postcode=SN16+9ET

Up-to-date advice from Wiltshire Council can be found at: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/public-health-coronavirus


COVID-19 Community Initiative – Community Street Leaders

We have established a team of amazing volunteer Community Street Leaders covering Crudwell & Chedglow. Making sure the more vulnerable & higher risk residents are okay during these times. Flyers have been posted through every door, asking those potentially in need, if they require our assistance.
If you do require assistance, contact me below & I will put you in touch with your Community Street Leader.
Leon Horton – Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address



This is a friendly note to let you know that if you are self-isolating then your community is here to support you.
You should be shortly receiving a note from your street coordinator to give you contact details of individuals/families who might be able to help you.
Please also remember, if you are in one of the high risk categories or have symptoms, please take steps to isolate yourself, and that includes not letting people into your home.
Please also use the resources to help:
https://nhs.uk/coronavirus (details of symptoms and advice on handwashing etc)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/336960209833310/ (Crudwell Group)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/welovecrudwell/ (We Love Crudwell)
We are all here to help each other. Crudwell has always been a strong community and we are all here for each other.
As a last resort, please use the comments section on this page with your firstname, house number and street and we will get someone to you as quickly as we can.