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*Caution, Local Covid Infections very high!*

Hello all,
The number of people tested positive in the Malmesbury Crudwell and Oaksey area continues to rise to very worrying levels. The local reported number as at 17th October was 89 cases, that is 1089 per 100,000; more than double the national average for England of just over 400 per 100,000. You can check this out at:
Clearly a cause for great concern and we advise all to remain extremely cautious and to try to stay safe by following guidance.
We advise that you should wear a mask when meeting others or in shops, garages etc.
Contrary to what some seem to believe the pandemic is far from over here.


Urgent road closure Notice Tetbury Lane 9th June 2021

Urgent road closure Notice Tetbury Lane 9th June 2021

From 9 June 2021, the following length of road shall be closed to all traffic in the interests of public safety to enable Wessex Water to carry out an urgent stop tap renewal.
Tetbury Lane (Part), Crudwell; from its junction with A429 in a Westerly direction for approximately 80m.
Alternative route: via C76, C92, A429 and vice versa.
The closure and diversion route will be clearly indicated by traffic signs. Access will be maintained for residents and businesses where possible, although delays are likely due to the nature of the works.
These works will commence on 9 June 2021 and are anticipated to be required for 3 days. This Notice will have a maximum duration of 5 days.

Link to plan:- Tetbury Lane Road Closure


Hunter Page to present at Parish Council monthly meeting tomorrow evening (1st May 2018)

Dear Parishioners,
Four key representatives from Hunter Page and Edenstone will be attending the Crudwell Parish Council monthly meeting tomorrow evening (Tuesday 1st May) at 7pm in the Village Hall.
They will be presenting revised plans for the proposed phase 2 development at Ridgeway Farm, to the Parish Council.
We have been unable to publicise this until now as Hunter Page only confirmed their attendance with the Parish Council late on Friday.
Given that the Ridgeway site is a proposed allocation in what is currently an emerging Wiltshire Site Allocations Plan, and that Hunter Page have offered this site in response to our Neighbourhood Plan  “Call for Sites”, it would be another opportunity for Parishioners to have a closer look at what they are proposing and to get an understanding of why they have launched this now rather than wait for the Neighbourhood Plan to make its recommendations.
Unfortunately Hunter Page are unable to attend the Neighbourhood Plan, Focus Group Exhibition this Saturday (5th) so please do go along to the Parish Council meeting tomorrow evening as well, if you can.
We hope that as many of you as possible can attend.
Best wishes
Mike Credicott, Crudwell Parish Councillor
Sian Burke-Murphy, Chair, Crudwell NP Steering Group


Crudwell Neighbourhood Plan – Joint Focus Group Exhibition

Saturday 5th May in Crudwell Village Hall from 11.30am to 2.00pm
You are invited to drop in for an update on progress with the Neighbourhood Plan and the opportunity to express your views on the impact of future development in our community.

Look at details of the sites put forward in our Call for Sites and tell us which you think are the most suitable for development.
Consider information gathered by our focus groups on design and development, infrastructure and transport, community amenities, and environmental impact.

Let us know which ideas and proposals you are in favour of. You will be invited to rank different options in order of preference.
Your feedback will be valuable in helping us to identify and develop the policies, which will form a central part of our Neighbourhood Plan. Please come along, get involved and make your voice heard. The focus groups will be reporting on all their findings around the end of this month. Look out for further information on our website!
Yours Faithfully
Mike Credicott, Crudwell Parish Councillor
Sian Burke-Murphy, Chair, Crudwell NP Steering Committee


Fast(er) Broadband for Crudwell

When we ran the Parish Survey in June 2014, over 40% of those who replied expressed an interest in faster broadband. Since then, the Parish Council has been busy trying to make this a reality. BT has stated that it will not begin survey work for fast broadband in Crudwell before early 2015, and – even if the service is implemented – it’s likely to take 12-18 months from that point before orders can be placed.
The Council approached a local supplier, Cotswold Wireless (CW), which offers a wireless broadband service. It puts a small receiver on your premises, and has a larger transmitter on a high building nearby. CW has successfully implemented in Hankerton and Oaksey. It has now carried out a feasibility survey, and has is confident that it can provide a service in Crudwell village too. CW clearly needs to have some degree of commitment from potential customers before investing in the equipment.
If you’re interested in speeding up your broadband connection, please take a look at the CW web site:
You will see there are four levels of service, and you choose which one you want. Prices vary depending on the amount of data you consume.
Provided enough people sign up, service could begin within a week or so.
The Small Print:

This is not a final commitment, and CW will check that you can receive service first before confirming with you that you wish to go ahead. However, CW bases its investment decisions on the numbers pre-ordering, so please only do so if you genuinely plan to take advantage of the service (subject to availability). See the “What you need to know” section on the order form for more details. If you need more information about the service, please contact CW direct (details on the web site)
Although the Parish Council has helped to facilitate the service, this is a contract between you and Cotswold Wireless. Crudwell Parish Council is not specifically endorsing the service; we’re only trying enable a better service to the community, based on the feedback from the Parish Survey.


Crudwell Parish News

Crudwell Parish News Needs You!
Dear Parishioners,
Crudwell Parish Council were under no misconception when they launched the Crudwell Parish News in July 2012 that the magazine would be able to survive without significant additional assistance from interested volunteers. It has now become essential for the Crudwell Parish News to survive in its present format for volunteers to come forward who are willing to help supplement the management team. The team are seeking in particular volunteers who have IT and desktop publishing experience; although anyone with an interest in assisting the CPN team in any other way will be most welcome.
The Crudwell Parish News belongs to the Parish. The fundamental aim of the magazine is, that it should continue to be delivered free of charge to every household within the Parish. This can only be achieved with the contribution of a dedicated team of enthusiastic people. Without volunteers coming forward to give assistance, Crudwell Parish Council will unfortunately have to cease producing the CPN in its present format.    
To make the CPN cost neutral we desperately need more advertisers, donations or you may wish to sponsor a page. If you can offer any help please contact the Editor, Ian McKay E-Mail: Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address or Gerda Hayes Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address or if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Furlonger E-Mail: Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address or any member of the Parish Council.