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Saturday 5th May in Crudwell Village Hall from 11.30am to 2.00pm

You are invited to drop in for an update on progress with the Neighbourhood Plan and the opportunity to express your views on the impact of future development in our community.

  • Look at details of the sites put forward in our Call for Sites and tell us which you think are the most suitable for development.
  • Consider information gathered by our focus groups on design and development, infrastructure and transport, community amenities, and environmental impact.

Let us know which ideas and proposals you are in favour of. You will be invited to rank different options in order of preference.

Your feedback will be valuable in helping us to identify and develop the policies, which will form a central part of our Neighbourhood Plan. Please come along, get involved and make your voice heard. The focus groups will be reporting on all their findings around the end of this month. Look out for further information on our website!

Yours Faithfully
Mike Credicott, Crudwell Parish Councillor
Sian Burke-Murphy, Chair, Crudwell NP Steering Committee