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Storm advice and information

Please see the following announcement from Wiltshire County Council:
We are advising residents to be prepared for high winds, heavy rain and potential flooding as Storm Ciarán approaches the county this week.
There are currently Yellow warnings of both wind and rain affecting Wiltshire on both Wednesday and Thursday of this week, though this may change as the storm approaches, so people should check the forecast.
View the complete announcement


Extended viewing of consultation

We have received the following email from the planning consultant.
The proposals will be available to view for a two week period at the Village Hall and comments can be made via email to crudwell@mplanning.co.uk
Currently we are not aware of the arrangements made of when you can view at the Village Hall but we will keep you updated.


Neighbourhood Plan – Public Consultation 26th May

You will probably be aware that the current Crudwell Neighbourhood Plan allocated a site for up to 25 new homes on the northern side of Tuners Lane.
The Neighbourhood Plan referred to a Community Liaison Group who would work with the applicant to ensure that the scheme is well designed.
The applicant has planned a public consultation event to be held between 5:00pm and 7:30pm on Friday 26th May at the Village Hall.
View the Public Consultation Flyer
It is a drop in session so you can attend at any time between 5:00pm and 7:30pm.
The applicant will explain how you can make your views known at the event.
We would encourage you to attend if you can, and then to make comments to the applicant afterwards.

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