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Crudwell Neighbourhood Plan Update

A presentation on the current status and next steps for the Neighbourhood Plan was given by Cllrs. Mike Credicott and Roy Lambley at the Crudwell Annual Parish Meeting which took place on Saturday the 10th August in the Village Hall.

The presentation included:

  • The formal co-opting of Jenny Salter and Helena Evanson-Goddard to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
  • An explanation of the impact of the Ridgeway Farm appeal dismissals by the planning inspectors and why it is important that the Neighbourhood Plan is now completed. It was explained that failure to complete the 2026 Plan and therefore allowing Crudwell to determine and meet it’s own housing needs could again leave us open to developments by appeal outside of our control.
  • That the NP is now off hold following the above appeal dismissals.
  • What we learned from the recent Reg 14 representations.
  • Our options and the decisions to be made going forward.
  • The work to be done now we have listened to your feedback.
  • Our approach to our next steps; completion of Reg 16, Examination and the Crudwell Neighbourhood Plan referendum.