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Crudwell School

The following documentation comes from the Crudwell School Governing body:

Issues affecting Crudwell School

  • Currently there are no plans to increase the size of Crudwell School.
  • The catchment area for the school is Crudwell, West Crudwell, Chedglow, Cloatley, Eastcourt, Murcott, Eastcourt, Hankerton and Chelworth.
  • At present there are 124 children at the school, of which 58 are from outside of the catchment area. The school is at full capacity in terms of the agreed number on roll and classroom space.
  • The school hall is at maximum capacity.
  • Wiltshire Council work on a ratio of 0.3 primary school children per household over 1 bedroom and for the financial year 2017/18 the section 106 funding is £17,500 per child for increases in school size.
  • Any increase in capacity requirements at the school will require extra classrooms and a reduction in green space at the school, although there is a sizeable school field.
  • At present the school is a small village community school and an increase in size may jeopardise this cohesive spirit. However, a larger school might be a positive thing as it would be unlikely to grow by a large amount in a short space of time.
  • Increasing size might make the school more sustainable in the long term. It would require investment in further classrooms and teaching commitment but under the National funding formula would result in greater income for the school.
  • The school falls within the Crudwell Conservation Area.
  • Parking and traffic issues exist, primarily at school pick up and drop off time. Any increase in size could compound these issues.

The following diagrams show the distribution of pupils at Crudwell school:

Crudwell School Pupil residence heatmap 1 Crudwell School Pupil residence heatmap 2