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Many thanks to those who attended the Joint Focus Group Exhibition last Saturday – around 70 in total. We were very encouraged by the level of interest shown. There was a real buzz of enthusiasm and involvement as people sought information, exchanged views and completed surveys on a range of issues relevant to future development in our community. Once the results have been analysed, they will be used to help shape our Neighbourhood Plan. If you were unable to get to the exhibition, the information on display in the village hall, together with the text of the surveys, are available on our website.

Here are some of the key issues with which people engaged on the day:

  • The relative merits of proposed development sites and architectural design in keeping with our rural parish, with a preference for small-scale sustainable growth expressed
  • The importance of supporting and enhancing local groups, businesses and our school
  • The level of interest in a community shop / hub and proposals on how this might be achieved
  • What existing facilities might be put forward as Assets of Community Value
  • Issues of road safety, including the desirability of further traffic calming measures, speed signage and the provision of a footpath along the full length of Tetbury Lane
  • Ongoing concern about flooding and sewerage
  • An improved public transport network, including better links with Kemble station
  • The protection of green spaces, open views and natural habitats, with any new buildings restricted in height.

The focus groups are now in the process of analysing the feedback received from parishioners. These findings, together with research already undertaken, will form the basis of the recommendations they will make to the steering group and will be valuable in identifying and developing the policies which will from a central part of our Neighbourhood Plan.

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet completed any of the surveys and would like to, they are available on our website. Topics cover Environment, Development and Design, Infrastructure and Transport and Community, Identity and Leisure.

Please note: the final deadline for completed questionnaires to be submitted online is FRIDAY 18th MAY.

Mike Credicott, Crudwell Parish Councillor

Tristan Stevens, Vice-Chair, Crudwell NP Steering Group