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We have just been told that, sadly, distribution of a printed “What’s On In Crudwell” (WOIC)  is to be suspended with immediate effect.

To avoid the loss of this much loved monthly update on all things newsy from the Parish Council, Neighbourhood Plan, School, Church, local businesses and now also, the Crudwell Street Champions support network, we are pleased to announce that you will now be able to access a digital version of the WOIC, should you wish to, by signing up to the My-Crudwell mailing list.

As well as future WOIC issues, we are creating a new a page with the latest information available from your community together with live links to all local shopping, take-away and other services which the community have identified as useful, particularly at this time.

So by signing up to My-Crudwell/WOIC, you will receive an e-mail alert whenever WOIC has been updated on My-Crudwell. You will also receive important updates from the community on an as needed basis in order to keep pace with the developing COVID19 situation. If you wish you can also receive information regarding the Neighbourhood Plan, but this is entirely optional.

To sign up to the My-Crudwell mailing list, simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button below and fill out the fields provided on the resulting page.

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